1 February 2017

Lotus pods

I first saw a lotus pod at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre and decided I would love to try making some. As I worked my first pods in a forge, I developed a deeper understanding as to why this plant is so revered. The original corny title “When I grow older, can I look like you?” is based on the sense of wonder I experienced. Since then I haven't really been able to find a title that really works.

It is also fitting that this plant which grows in mud is sitting in a pot constructed from railway spring washers which I dug out of the ground at a disused railway yard in the western suburbs of Melbourne.  As a I made this pot, I thought often of the people and the skills involved in fabricating the washers.

Dimensions – 800 mm high and 300 mm wide. Ideally it should be located on a sheltered covered deck or inside. 

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